Cognitive Support

Molecularly distilled omega-3 fatty acids providing 400mg EPA, 200mg DHA, and 200mg borage oil providing 48mg GLA in each softgel.

A high-potency, balanced blend of EPA and DHA to support healthy lipid balance, cell membranes and inflammatory pathways. Delivered in their native triglyceride forms for optimal absorption and tolerability.

A high-potency, 5:1 ratio of EPA and DHA for inflammatory conditions, cardiovascular health, behavioural and mood balance. Delivered in their native triglyceride forms for optimal absorption and tolerability.

A high-potency, 5:1 ratio of DHA and EPA specifically designed for the support of the neurological system and healthy cognition. Delivered in their native triglyceride forms for optimal absorption and tolerability.

Great tasting and citrus flavoured, Omega-D3 Liquid Forte provides one of the highest concentrations available: 1900mg of EPA and 900mg of DHA, with an additional 1000IU of vitamin D3 per teaspoon.

Natural orange-flavoured chewable softgels containing 100mg of DHA and 21mg of EPA per softgel.

A powdered blend of evidence-based nutrients to calm the nervous system and protect from overstimulation, promote neurotransmitter synthesis and support blood sugar regulation. For improved mood, cognition, sleep and stress-coping.

150mg of rhodiola rosea extract, standardized to contain 3% rosavin and 1% salidroside content. For improved mood, energy, sexual function, athletic performance and resiliency to stress.

A blend of KSM-66® Ashwagandha, saffron and zinc bisglycinate to encourage endogenous testosterone production and healthy mood.

An organic, GMO-free and sustainably grown mushroom powder blend to promote the healthy balance of Th1 and Th2 immune activity.

Comprehensive mitochondrial support for patients with cognitive dysfunction, low energy, nerve damage, fertility concerns and poor recovery from environmental stressors.

High dose and molecularly distilled omega-3 fatty acids for improved patient compliance: 700mg of EPA and 350mg of DHA in each softgel.

Give your patients the most active and bioavailable form of coenzyme Q10, delivered in a medium-chain triglyceride base softgel for even better absorption.

220 grams of pure and stable L-tyrosine powder. Indicated for improving cognition during times of stress and supporting thyroid function.

450 grams of pure and stable L-taurine powder. Indicated for cardiovascular health, nervous system support, electrolyte balance and bile production.

For improved mood, cognition, sleep and stress-coping, without the drowsiness or sedation. Stay focused with 250mg of pure L-theanine and 20mg of magnesium bisglycinate per capsule.

450 grams of pure and stable L-glycine powder. Indicated for improving sleep, mental health, detoxification and collagen building.

A complete blend of active B-vitamins with added L-Theanine and spirulina for patients with low energy, mental health concerns, stress and cognitive impairment.

Nerve protection, sugar regulation, liver support and detoxification benefits. All in one stable anti-oxidant compound, for targeted support with your patients.

Highly standardized herbal extracts and active nutrients for improved cognitive function and memory in your aging population.


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