Gastrointestinal & Digestion Support

500mg of pure Berberis aquifolium, standardized to 97% berberine content for powerful anti-microbial action, digestive support and blood sugar control.

Pure oregano oil, standardized to minimum 75% carvacrol content, in a liquid dropper for convenient dosing.

For the effective relief of traveler’s diarrhea, antibiotic-associated diarrhea and acute gastroenteritis.

Support your patient’s immunity, mood, skin, hormones and vision, all with just one powerful mineral. 25mg of elemental zinc delivered in a fully chelated bis-glycinate form for optimal absorption and tolerability.

Support your patient’s immunity, mood, skin, hormones and vision, all with just one powerful mineral and one essential vitamin. 50mg of elemental zinc delivered with 400mg of vitamin C per vegetable capsule.

Guaranteed 50 Billion CFUs per vegetable capsule for the healthy recolonization of the gastrointestinal microflora after antibiotics, infections or inflammatory processes. Enteric-coated and FOS-free for enhanced tolerability.

11 billion CFUs per vegetable capsule, 9 strains, enteric-coated and FOS-free for enhanced tolerability in even your most sensitive patients.

A blend of three demulcent herbs to effectively reduce inflammation and irritation to the digestive tract lining.

A high-potency and odour-free garlic extract for powerful anti-microbial and cardioprotective support.

Broad-spectrum digestive enzyme support with the addition of ginger root and fenugreek seed for their carminative actions.

450 grams of pure and stable L-glutamine powder. Indicated for the protection of the digestive tract, nervous tissue and optimal immunity in times of stress.

A certified organic, GMO free and FODMAP-friendly soluble fibre sourced from acacia gum. Gentle on the digestive tract.

Stable and active vitamin A in a liquid dropper. 10,000IU per drop for convenient dosing.

A blend of bioactive collagen peptides for complete structural support of the joints, bones, skin, nails and intestinal tract. Standardized molecular weights for optimal absorption and easy mixing.


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